WJ and XJ Hatch Mounted Tire Carriers

XJ Kratos - The Tire Carrier 1997 - 2001

XJ Kratos - The Tire Carrier 1997 - 2001

Kratos the Tire Carrier for the XJ is AVAILABLE NOW. NOT TESTED ON FIBERGLASS HATCHES. CURRENTLY ONLY RECOMMENDED ON STEEL HATCHES which are found on 1997 - 2001 model cherokees.

Build time is approximately 45-business days.

ATTENTION!!! Placing your rear tire on the back (hatch) of your vehicle causing an obstruction of rear-view may not meet your local State Vehicle Codes along with blocking your third brake light. Please check your local vehicle codes before placing an order. Buyer assumes all financial responsibility. It would be wise to purchase a 3rd brake light which mounts in the wheel well. Companies such as 4 Wheel Parts sell third brake lights. 

Kratos - The Tire Carrier.

Our tire carrier involves brute strength, power and force from the custom built struts providing 375 lbs of force on each side of the hatch to raise that heavy offroad tire into the air. There for, with all that brute strength, power and force, we call our tire carrier "Kratos - The Tire Carrier".

In Greek Mythology.  Cratos was a son of the Titan Pallas (not to be confused with PallasAthena) and the goddess Styx. He was the personification of strength and power. The name is derived from the common noun Κράτος, meaning "force", "strength", or "power". The spellings "Cratus" and "Kratos" are also used.


  • The Heavy Duty Struts are custom manufactured in Canada specifically for this application. They are rated for operating temperatures as low as -22 Degrees Fahrenheit. We have tested the struts on our Jeep in 12 degrees Fahrenheit and they work as intended. 
  • We can build to mount the following bolt patterns: 5 on 5, 5 on 5.5, 5 on 4.5 . Each mount is custom built for your specific backspacing of your wheel. we will text you a confirmation once you order so we can get the backspacing of your wheel. You can also place the backspacing of your wheel in the comments section during checkout. If we need verification, we will ask you to measure your backspace using a tape measure. We will show you how to do it, it's simple.
  • Mounts up to 100lbs wheel and tire combo, up to 35" tires. For example, a 285/70/17 tire mounted on 17" JK wheels weighs 90lbs. That is a 33" tire. A 35 x 12.5 x 16" tire mounted on black steel wheels weigh about 97 pounds. 
  • Comes Black Primered - Ready to Paint.
  • Your hatch must be in good condition to install Kratos. If your hinges or the strut mounting location is rusted or damaged, please do not order. Your hatch will not be able to support the wight of a spare tire. 
  • Extra Struts are available to order separately for future needs.
  • All mounting hardware included - including the new struts and ball stud mounts. We also include new clips as a replacement for the ones that break when removing the back plastic panel for the installation. 
  • Full detailed installation instructions included in a PDF

    Kratos is built using 1/2" thick x 4" wide steel, hydraulic bent and welded to 3/16" x 1.5" steel flat bars which mount to the top of the hatch using four (grade-8) nuts and bolts and mounts to the center of the hatch using eight (grade-8) nuts and bolts. The actual tire carrier itself is constructed on 2 x 2 square tube and welded to the 1/2" plate. The Heavy Duty Struts which replace the stock struts on the hatch are custom built in Canada specifically for this application and are rated at 350lbs of force for each strut. You have 700lbs of force lifting your hatch and spare tire. The struts come with heavy duty mounting ball studs as a replacement to the stock studs. All hardware is included in the kit. Recommended for 33" - 35" tires.

    Confirmed Parts in the Tire Carrier Kit.

    1 - Tire carrier
    3 - All backing plates
    12 - serrated flang nuts and bolts grade-8 size 3/8-16 x 1"
    3 - 1/2"-20 x 1.5" Bolts for mounting wheel (welded to plate)
    3 - lug nuts
    2 - heavy duty lift-gate supports (struts) rated at 350 pounds lift force each.
    2 - heavy duty replacement ball stud mounts for lower struts mount.
    2- 1/4" x 2" Grade-8 Hardware for upper strut mount
    PACKAGING: Kratos ships in one box 31"x19"x19" at 45 lbs.

    Uncle Joe, weighing in at 184 pounds sits on top of his 97-lbs 35" tire all mounted to the Kratos. Excellent location to fish in the river from if we may say so...

    Use and exercise caution when using Kratos on your WJ. Even though we have tested this modification on our XJ everyday for one year in different terrains, anything can happen. Your XJ's hatch was not designed to carry a spare tire on it. We figured out a way to get that tire on there and a way for the hatch to still open and stay open. Use common sense when opening the hatch. With the tire mounted, the hatch opens slowly so it won't swing up fast when opening, which is a good thing for the factory strut mounting location. A common exercise for us is to keep our hand on the hatch pushing it up until it fully opens.  Examine your strut stud mounts every 1,000-miles to be sure the studs are bolted tight at all times. All-in-all, when you have a 90lbs tire above your head, just use common sense and always play it safe. Don't let anyone hang on the tire while driving. Do not leave your hatch open while driving. Do not hang any extra weight on the tire/wheel while driving!



    $ 379.00