WJ Hidden Winch Mounts

WJ Hidden Winch Mount

Jeep Grand Cherokee Hidden Winch Mount
Current processing time is 14 days.
Offered in "Primered and Painted Flat Black" - Ready to install.
100% hand-made in the U.S.A. in Temple City, California.  
1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Hidden Winch Mount.
All Hardware Included
Compatible with All factory front bumper fascia, however, the Laredo bumper requires more cutting. Special Thanks! to Conner Wright who was able to make our hidden winch mount fit behind the Laredo Bumper. Our installation instructions provide tips on cutting the Special Edition bumper and the Limited Bumper. We do not have instructions on cutting the Laredo bumper. However, from the wise words of a fellow WJ'ian regarding fitment behind the Laredo bumper...cut the bumper until it fits! We love that, thank you Conner!!!
  • 1/4" Steel plate.
  • Welded into one-piece design.
  • Compatible to both 4.0 Liters and 4.7 Liters with additional transmission coolers
  • Mounts to your vehicle using ten bolts; 5 Bolts on each side which include one factory bolt mounting location which is attached to double stamped steel on the frame rail. . We provide (eight) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Bolts and Serrated Flange Nuts PLUS two Class 8.8 10mm bolts to be used in the factory mounting location.
  • Heavy-Duty Solid construction will outlast your Jeep.
  • Bolt on Kit mounts behind your factory bumper cover (bumper fascia) - Retains factory look. 
  • Easy installation can be done by anyone with basic power tool skills.
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Does not restrict air-flow to your radiator like other winch mounts
  • Does not extend the front end of your Jeep
  • The 1/4" Plate Steel Winch Mount will replace the thin sheet metal box on front of your radiator. You are required to cut this box out using a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder or hack saw. This part is also known as cross-member, might also be also known as frame rails.

  • Requires cutting of plastic bumper. We cut our bumper using a dremel tool.
  • Winch, fairlead and winch cable/rope not included.
  • Package measures 38" x 15" x 7" (L x W x H). Weight 40 pounds. 
  • Package includes (1) Winch Mount, (2) winch mounting plates), (2) hood support brackets, (8) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Bolts, (8) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Nuts, (2) Class-10.9 10x1.5x40 Metric Bolts if you don't have the front skid plate, we will verify with you via text. Also included are (9) 1/4" x 3/4" nuts, bolts and washers in replace of the factory bumper clips. We will email you a PDF Installation Instruction Manual so you can use it on your phone or tablet with full color photos and detailed installation.
  • Winch mount, mounting plates and hood support mounts are Primered and Painted Flat Black. 
  • Made to fit 9,500 lbs winches with a maximum winch height of 6.5". Most winches are 6.5" tall with-out the solenoid box. The winch manufacturer website does not list the height of their winch with-out the solenoid. The solenoid wil be mounted in a different location, which we discuss in our instruction manual.  Most winches are equipped with steel cable and roller fairleads. We recommend you purchase a synthetic rope and fair lead hawse to match the hidden winch mount look. If you prefer the wire cable, that will also work with a roLler fairlead. We have done the homework for you and here is short list of winches that will fit your WJ Hidden Winch Mount:
  1. Tuff Stuff Performance 9,500,
  2. Superwinch Tigershark 9,500, 
  3. Warn 9.5XP
  4. Rough Country 9,500 w/ Synthetic Rope


 If you use your WJ for traveling the back-country roads and would like the piece of mind of having a self recovery winch...JUST INCASE...Then the hidden winch mount is for you. If you are like most WJ owners, then you love the look and styling of your front bumper and really don't want a heavy and bulky front bumper just to attach a winch.  The hidden winch mount will replace the factory cross member which is made of thin sheet metal. By bolting into the cross member location, with eight grade-5 bolts and two factory bolts, it provides a low sitting winch, mounted behind the factory bumper. All the hardware needed to attach the winch mount is supplied. Replacing the cross member with our SOLID 1/4" steel winch mount will make the front end much more rigid. Installation by a professional is recommended, unless you are handy dandy with power tools. Since the WJ is a uni-body, we recommend a maximum 9,500lbs winch. 
Check out our durability test video.
A short collection of photos from WJ Owners with HK Offroad Winch Mounts with and with-out the Shackle Tabs. 
Custom built bumper over our winch mount.
$ 279.00