WJ Recessed Winch Bumpers

HK Overland - Recessed Winch Bumper

HK Overland - Recessed Winch Bumper
Bumper will arrive "Bare Steel". POWDER COAT AVAILABLE.
Build time is 60 days. 
These are to fit up to 35" tires but trimming of the end of the bumper will be required if you have a long arm suspension and disconnect your sway bars. The trimming of the end of the bumper is easy to do with a proper angle grinder and cutting disk or sawzall. We can also cut the end of the bumper for you. Just measure your fender from the first bend and tell us how far in you cut.
The GateKeeper Radiator Skid Plate which is built as a separate bolt on option for this bumper is now available here.
Because these are built to order, we can cut out the fog light holes to any desired size, in square shape only. The standard size is 3 1/8" x 3 1/8". Feel free to call us, text us, email us or message us on facebook with any questions you may have. We typically respond within minutes unless it's a weekend and we are out in the woods. 
(Current Build time - 60 days from date of order to date of handing over to Mr UPS and weekends are not business days, they are back-country exploring days).

Update on Design April 26, 2016
The angles on the front of the bumper have been smoothed out to form a more rounded form instead of the sharp visible angles from the original design. More gussets have been added behind the bumper for added rigidity. High lift jacking point added to the bottom plate of the bumper near the fender on both sides. Drain holes added in the center of the bumper near the winch for proper draining of collected water and debris.

"HK Overland" - Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Recessed Winch Bumper
100% Hand-made in Temple City, California U.S.A. 
Key Points:
  1. The bottom of the bumper is a solid piece of 1/4" steel all the way across from fender to fender (70" approximately). Other manufacturers use 1/4" steel only in the center where the winch mounts.
  2. The front plate which mounts the fairlead is 1/4" steel from shackle mount to shackle mount.
  3. Our D-Ring shackle tabs are 3/4" steel Grade-50 and extend through the front plate all the way back to the frame rail mounting plate which is 7.25" in length. The shackle tabs are welded to the front plate, the bottom plate and the frame rail mounting plate. A Grade-8 bolt goes through the shackle tab and is mounted to the frame rail of the WJ. This means you are pulling from the frame rails and not just from the front plate. Other bumper manufacturers weld the shackle tabs to the front plate only and that does not work for us. 
  4. The side of the bumper is constructed of 3/16" steel. Other bumper manufacturers use 10 guage or 1/8" steel for the sides of the bumpers.
  5. The winch mounts in place of the original steel bumper which is required to be cut out. This gives you the best approach angle on the market, PERIOD!
  6. The inside of the bumper is gusseted in six different locations. 
The shipping package will weigh approx 80lbs with hardware and measure 74" x 24" x 14" (LxWxH)
  • As defualt, Bumper is offered in "Primered - Ready to Paint". Optional Powder Coat is available. 
  • Bumper is designed to meet the contour of the front end of the WJ. It matches the curves of the headlight and fenders.
  • Comes standard with two 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" square holes for Flush Mount LED lights (lights not included). 
  • 100% Hand-made in the U.S.A. in Temple City California. Hand bent, hand constructed, welded, grinded and sanded. 
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Maintains factory front end measurement - does not stick out 85 feet past the front end (sarcasm)
  • Does not restrict air-flow to your radiator
  • Mounts to your vehicle using ten bolts; 5 Bolts on each side which include one factory bolt mounting location which is attached to double stamped steel on the frame rail. We provide all hardware.
  • Package includes (1)Steel Recessed Winch Bumper (2) winch mounting plates), (2) hood support brackets, (8) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Bolts, (8) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Nuts, (2) Class-8.8 10x1.5x40 Metric Bolts. An installation instructrional video is available at the end of this page and on our youtube page. 
  • Made to fit 9,500 lbs winches with a maximum winch height of 6.5". Most winches are 6.5" tall with-out the solenoid box. The winch manufacturer website does not list the height of their winch with-out the solenoid. The solenoid will be mounted in a different location, which we discuss in our instruction manual and instructional video.  Most winches are equipped with steel cable and roller fairleads. We recommend you purchase a synthetic rope and fair lead hawse. If you prefer the wire cable, that will also work with a roller fairlead. We have done the homework for you and here is short list of winches that will fit your Overland Bumper:
    1. Tuff Stuff Performance 9,500,
    2. Superwinch Tigershark 9,500,
    3. Warn 9.5XP
    4. Rough Country 9,500 w/ Synthetic Rope
  • The end of the bumper which meets the fender can be cut to accommodate larger tires.
  • Made for WJ's with up to 35" tires (trimming of the bumpers end may be required if you have long arm suspension and sway bar disconnects. Cutting can be done by an angle grinder with a cutting disc. 
  • Recessed Winch Mount System - requires cutting of the factory cross member, also known as the steel bumper behind the bumper fascia 


 Map of Shipping Charges

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