WJ Rear Hatch Lift Supports - 275lbs force

WJ Rear Hatch Lift Supports - 275lbs force

So you need new struts for your Jeep WJ's rear hatch? Or you're just tired of the weak factory struts? You've come to the right place. If you are planning on mounting any heavy items to the rear hatch, you'll need to upgrade to our struts. 

These are high quality designed and custom built Heavy Duty Rear Hatch Lift Supports for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. Also known as Rear Hatch Struts. When you place these struts next to the factory struts, only then you will see how well they are built and the high standards which they are built by. 

The factory lift supports are rated at 194lbs of lift force. These Heavy Duty Lift Supports are custom built with 275lbs of lift force. If you have a heavy item or plan on attaching/mounting a heavy item to your rear hatch, such as a Highift Jack, the factory struts will not support the weight.  Or you may live in high altitude or very cold climates and the stock struts fail. These are the replacement struts you need. 

Package Includes:
- 2 heavy duty struts rated at 275 lbs of force in each strut. (Made in Canada)
- 4 replacement Heavy Duty Ball Stud Mounts and pins.

The image below displays the factory struts on the right in comparison to the Heavy Duty Struts on the left.

The new struts are thicker and will rub slightly on the unibody but it does not cause any issues. These are the same struts we use on our tire carrier except these are built to 275 lbs of force instead of the 375lbs of force for the tire carrier.

 Thanks to Dave from Nevada for sharing this video with us. He mounted his high lift jack to the rear hatch and the stock struts would not keep the hatch open, of course. He installed our custom manufactured heavy duty struts and now his lift gate works as it should.

$ 145.00