GX 470 Hidden Winch Mount Installation Instructions

1) Remove plastic bumper.
2) Remove steel crash bar by removing the eight nuts mounted to the frame. You will need an impact wrench or a breaker bar because those factory nuts are on there very tight.
3) Install winch plate replacing the factory crash bar. 
4) The lower mounting points mount to the side of the radiator support frame with M12-1.25 hardware.
5) The following photos show the measurements to cut out the fairlead. These measurements are approximate. After drawing the cutout lines for your fairlead, drill the holes for the fair lead mount . DO NOT CUT OUT THE FAIRLEAD YET. Put the bumper back up and check alignment of the holes and adjust your cutting accordingly. Then remove the bumper and cut out the fair lead by tracing your fairlead. 
6) The next step is to measure the distance between the fairlead hole on your winch mount and the shackle tab. Then cut out the shackle tab. A lot of folks have just been using a large hole saw and cutting around hole for the shackle tab, then covering the cutout edges with rubber trim pieces.