WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid

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WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid
WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid
WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid
WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid
WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid
WK/XK "StreetSweeper" - Stubby Hidden Winch Bumper w/ Radiator Skid

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK "StreetSweeper 2" Stubby Hidden Winch Mount with Radiator Core Support Replacement Skid Plate, also compatible with Jeep Commander XK

Available in Two Variations

  • Standard: Winch Mount w/ Shackle tabs and Flat Plate Radiator Skid Plate - No Tubes. Replaces Radiator Core Support
  • Deluxe: Winch Mount w/ Shackle Tabs and Flat Plate Radiator Skid Plate with eight DOM Tubes

 Fits all models and bumpers from 2005 to 2010 including diesels (CRD). If you are a CRD Diesel WK owner, you're probably asking yourself how is that possible? We have done plenty of research from the V6 models, V8 HEMI to the CRD Diesel models. We've taken all measurements necessary and designed the winch plate to mount in front of the Diesel inter-cooler. The 2005 - 2007 model bumpers are 1" narrower than the 2008 to 2010 bumpers. With this in mind, we designed our winch plate with the ability to mount for all model years. We got this!

  • 1/4" Steel plate all-around designed as heavy duty with reinforcements for heavy vertical and horizontal loads, mounts under the frame rail and onto the side frame rail with the provided hardware and backing plates.  
  • Lower Radiator Core Support Skid Plate constructed from 1/4" plate and eight 1.5" x .098 DOM Tubes
  • Built with shackle tabs. 
    • Winch plate designed specifically to be compatible with all years and bumpers on V6, V8 Hemi and Diesel engines
    • Mounts to your vehicle using ten bolts; 5 Bolts on each side (three bolts under frame rail, 2 bolts on side of frame rail). All required hardware included. 
    • Bolt on Kit mounts behind your factory bumper cover (bumper fascia) - Retains factory look. Requires simple cutting of plastic bumper to allow room for steel plate (see photos). We cut our bumper using a dremel tool and provide samples of the cuts in the installation instructions. Cutting off of the lower bumper portion is required since this bumper replaces your radiator core support. 
    • Easy installation can be done by anyone with basic power tool skills.
    • Hand Made in the U.S.A. in our shop
    • Does not restrict air-flow to your radiator like other winch mounts
    • Does not extend the front end of your Jeep
    • The 1/4" Steel Plate Winch Mount will replace the thin sheet metal box on front of your radiator. You are required to cut this box out using a power cutting tool such as a sawzall. This part is also known as cross-member, might also be also known as frame rails.
    • Winch and fairlead NOT INCLUDED 
    • Package includes (1) Winch Mount, (2) frame-rail backing plates, (2) hood support bracket extensions, (10) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Nuts and Bolts.
    • We will email you a PDF Installation Instruction Manual so you can use it on your phone or tablet with full color photos and detailed installation.
    • Winch mount, mounting plates and hood support mounts all arrive bare steel.


    D-Ring Shackle Mounts:

    3/4" thick, solid steel shackle tabs welded thoroughly to winch mount and frame rail mounting plates.

    Constructed of Grade-50 Steel

    One piece design extends from the WJ's frame rail to the front face-plate of the winch mount

    One piece design provides stronger towing points during winching or towing by rope

    Built to take a beating against the rocks

    All of the above mentioned parts are welded together for one solid piece design. This is the ultimate setup to build your own bumper from.