WJ Hidden Winch Mount W/ Shackle Tabs

WJ Hidden Winch Mount W/ Shackle Tabs
Build time: 3 months
1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Recessed Winch Mount w/ D-Ring Shackle Tabs
This is the same winch mount used in our Hidden Winch Mount application except for one difference; it features our innovative (welded) D-Ring Shackle tabs which reach the WJ's frame rails. This mount can be used with or with-out the bumper fascia. It is also intended for those who are interested in custom making their own bumper. By using our winch mount with D-ring shackle mounts, you have a solid base to work from. Our mounting system combined with our D-ring shackle mounts will provide you with a solid front end for a bumper and a winching or towing point. Take a close look at the photos provided and you will see the way our D-ring shackle mounts are constructed from a solid piece of steel and welded to the plate.
D-Ring Shackle Mounts:
  • 3/4" thick, solid steel shackle tabs welded thoroughly to winch mount.
  • Constructed of Grade-50 Steel
  • One piece design extends from the WJ's frame rail to the front face-plate of the winch mount
  • One piece design provides stronger towing points during winching or towing by rope
    Check out our durability test video.
    $ 359.00