WJ Hidden Winch Mount W/ Shackle Tabs

WJ Hidden Winch Mount W/ Shackle Tabs
Current build time is four to five weeks due to Tax Return Season rush. If you need it faster for an event you may be attending, please text Bash and we can discuss it. (626) 710-6455. If it says SOLD OUT that means we are working on the next batch and we'll have a few ready soon. 

1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Recessed Winch Mount w/ D-Ring Shackle Tabs
This is the same winch mount used in our Hidden Winch Mount application except for one difference; it features our innovative (welded) D-Ring Shackle tabs which reach the WJ's frame rails, are welded all-around and constructed from Grade-50 steel. By using our winch mount with D-ring shackle mounts, you have a solid base to work from to create your own bumper if you wanted to. Our mounting system combined with our D-ring shackle mounts will provide you with a solid front end for a bumper and a winching or towing point. Take a close look at the photos provided and you will see the way our D-ring shackle mounts are constructed from a solid piece of steel and welded to the plate.
D-Ring Shackle Mounts:
  • 3/4" thick, solid steel shackle tabs welded thoroughly to winch mount.
  • Constructed of Grade-50 Steel
  • One piece design extends from the WJ's frame rail to the front face-plate of the winch mount
  • One piece design provides stronger towing points during winching or towing by rope
    Check out our durability test video.
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