Front Recovery Shackle Tab Kit - WJ/WK

Front Recovery Shackle Tab Kit - WJ/WK

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Front Recovery Shackle Tab Kit - Heavy Duty - Reinforced
Available for the WJ 1999 - 2004 and WK 2005 - 2010 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee.

HK Offroad's Shackle Tab Kit replaces the factory front tow hooks and is compatible with all our basic hidden winch mounts which did not come with shackle tabs. 

Build and Material:

Our WJ and WK Stand Alone Shackle Tab Kits are welded using single pass and multi pass Spray Arc method w/ Mixed Gas 90% Argon 10% C02. The tab itself is constructed with A572 Grade-50 steel which is also used in building beams. It's welded to 1/4" plate and two 1/4" thick gussets. We weld 1/4" single pass on one side and multi-pass on the gusset side. Mounted to your frame rails with Grade-8 bolts and frame sandwich plates which are also 1/4" thick. Take Recovery Seriously!!!

(WJ) The mounting plate is constructed from 1/4" Plate and has three mounting holes to the underside of the WJ's uni-body frame-rail. Mounts to factory holes, no drilling required. Minor grinding required under uni-body frame-rail.
(WK) The mounting plate is constructed from 1/4" Plate and has four mounting holes to the underside of the WK's uni-body frame-rail. Mounts to three factory holes plus one additional hole deep back into the frame-rail. 

The Shackle Tab is constructed of 3/4" thick x 7" length Grade-50 Steel and is welded to the 1/4" plate all around with two gussets on the side. The shackle tab has a 7/8"" hole for D-Ring Shackles. These are the same shackle tabs we use on our winch mounts and bumpers. 

Grade 50 is a high strength, low alloy steel that finds its best application where there is need for more strength per unit of weight. Less of this material is needed to fulfill given strength requirements than is necessary with regular carbon steels.

Grade 50 is used in general plate applications when the plate will be riveted, bolted, or welded. Grade 50 is a Columbium-Vanadium steel that offers a minimum yield of 50,000 PSI. In addition, ASTM A572 Grade 50 is noted for its increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Grade 50 contains more alloying elements than plain carbon steel and thus is somewhat more difficult to form. Grade 50 is more difficult to cold work, but can be successfully bent or shaped but requires more force than plain carbon steel. 

ASTM A572 Grade 50 is considered a "workhorse" grade and is widely used in many applications. Steel mills produce channel and heavy beams with Grade 50. It is commonly used in structural applications, heavy construction equipment, building structures, heavy duty anchoring systems, truck frames, poles, liners, conveyors, boom sections, structural steel shapes, and applications that require high strength per weight ratio.

All required Grade-8 mounting hardware is included. Shackle Tabs arrive as a pair.

Arrives Bare Steel.

Very simple. Bolt on application 

For WJ - Remove factory bumper fascia, grind down small sheet-metal lip under uni-body frame rail, install shackle tabs and frame rail mounting plates, reinstall bumper fascia. Grinding required, no drilling required. 

For WK - Remove factory bumper fascia, install shackle tab plate and frame rail backing plate using three nuts and bolts in factory holes, drill a 3/8" hole for the fourth mounting location deep back on the frame rail. Reinstall bumper fascia. Drilling required. No grinding or cutting necessary. 

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