***New Product*** Front Tow Receiver w/ Tabs (WJ/WK/XK)

***New Product*** Front Tow Receiver w/ Tabs (WJ/WK/XK)

Front Receiver w/ D-Ring Shackle Tabs (HEAVY DUTY) for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999 - 2004, Grand Cherokee WK 2005 - 2010, Jeep Commander XK 2006 - 2010.

This product is in its research, development and testing phase. If you are interested in joining the list to be contacted once released, please email info@hkoffroad.com and label subject line Front Receiver Hitch. We will add you to our inquiry folder and contact you once we're confident and satisfied it can pull your house out of its foundation or that pesky H1 keeps roaming up and down your street, if your from Lebanon that is. That last sentence was sarcasm, just in-case some of you didn't get it, but the rest is serious.

***Coming Soon***

inspired by a gentleman from the east coast who's concerned about road salt and having a winch on the vehicle full time. He would like to adapt our Stand Alone Shackle Tab Kit with an aftermarket front receiver to mount a winch by hitch temporarily when needed. He inquired asking if our shackle tab kit would match up with the receiver hitch so I asked for a photo or link to the product.

As I examined the aftermarket receiver he's interested in using to check fitment of both products, the first thing I noticed were the weak points and all the possibilities of the hitch bending during heavy side load and heavy upward downward winching loads. I would like to mention the hitch receiver in question is manufactured by a large winch company and I was not satisfied it will hold up to the task because as we mostly know during winching, we're typically not in a straight line or in an ideal scenario and we need the most rugged and reinforced equipment to rely on during recovery (at least that's what goes on in my brain when I think of worst case scenario during a recovery).

At this point I advise against combining the two items (our shackle tab kit and the hitch) and offered to sketch up a better product which would eventually cost him $240 LESS than the first option of having to purchase two separate items.

So I sat down and came up with this sketch. I bring you HK Offroad's Front Receiver Hitch with D-Ring Shackle Tabs. This part is designed and intended for those who not need a winch full time, in need of a front receiver for carrying accessories, mounting a hitch-mounted winch temporarily, or for pushing/pulling that 23-foot boat/trailer around the farm with the front of your vehicle and having a solid & reliable recovery point. No cutting of cross-member required, no extra drilling, no bumper trimming. I have seen one on another WJ vehicle before but it wasn't built nor mounted the way this one will be. This receiver/shackle kit is over-kill just as the rest of our products.

We have ordered the required material for this part and will post up availability soon. No pre-order sales will be accepted, we are only selling those which are built and ready to go. If you are interested please send us an email and we will place you on the list to call once production is complete.

Thanks for reading, have a blessed evening.



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