Build Update - September 29, 2018

Why is everything marked sold out?

We are moving away from "Built to Order" and gearing towards "Built - Ready to Ship". With current amount of orders in que, we are booked solid until December or so. The entire waiting process puts a lot of stress on us and on buyers waiting for their items to be delivered and we will no longer operate that way. 

Right about December or so, we expect to be caught up and full-filled on all orders. At that time we will begin to build in small batches and will share our progress on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Website) with an expected release date and time for ordering to become available. For example "10 winch mounts with shackle tabs will be available on Thursday December 13, 2018 at 10:00AM Pacific Time".

This will allow us to get your order out within days and we are not holding on to anyone's money for months before you see your item. 

No deposits will be accepted, no waiting lists. We will operate strictly on a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE basis through our website so we only sell what is built and ready to go.

This will also allow us the time needed to complete other projects we've started but had to put aside due to being so backlogged on orders. Projects such as our High Clearance Rear Recovery Bumper, Low Lining Replacement Roof Rails, Full Roof Rack & Rear Cargo Rack. 

I thank everyone for their patience and understanding and truly look forward to our new operating method and new product lines to be released!

September 29, 2018