Current Production

During initial launch of our Overland Bumper, we sold more bumpers than was forecast and it set us back quite a bit. We are working diligently until late hours to meet the demand and should be back on track by February. We have a few things in the works which are on hold until all orders are complete. 

Our Overland Bumper will have the option of lower radiator skid plate with nine 1" bars to form the seven slot Jeep grill & the lower bars will match the angle of the upper grill. The Radiator skid plate with the seven slot grill will bolt onto the winch mounting holes on the bumper and our winch mounts. 

Right after we complete the "Radiator Skid Plate with 7-Slot Grill", we will launch our rear hatch mounted spare tire carrier.

Along with all the building, completing orders and creating new items, we are outdoor adventurists and we do take Saturday and Sunday to come back to our senses from being buried in steel all week. We appreciate your patience as we play catch up. Ya'll be safe out there!


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