Weld On D-Ring Shackle Tabs

Weld On D-Ring Shackle Tabs
Plasma Cut and Hand Finished. Ships in approximately 2-weeks. 
The D-Ring Shackle Tabs are designed by us, HK Offroad, to be used on winch plates, specifically on our WJ Winch Plate. It is fabricated to be used with 3/4" D-Rings. However, that does not limit its uses. You can use our shackle mounts for multiple other builds, such as on your ZJ, off-road buggy, XJ etc. 
They are specifically designed as a weld-on option. What seperates us from other weld-on shackle mounts are the:
  • Over-all length is 7.25 inches
  • 3" height 
  • 3/4" thick
  • Solid piece Grade-50 steel - Grade 50 is stronger than hot-roll steel and weaker than cold-roll steel. When working with steel, remember, the stronger the steel, the more likely it will crack on overload. Grade 50 works well as a shackle mount because if you over-load it, it will bend, instead of cracking. Nobody wants a flying D-ring in their path.
  • Sold as a pair
  • Bare steel
  • $20 Flat Rate Shipping to Lower 48 States
$ 56.95