Update on HK Offroad Products

Update on HK Offroad upcoming products:
As you all know, we have been upgrading our WJ since it broke down five weeks ago. The engine wiring harness shorted behind the engine by the firewall causing the wiring harness to melt. The short in the wiring harness cause injector on cylinder four to remain open which flooded the engine with fuel. Fuel was mixed with the engine oil and cause musltiple misfires. We decided to just completely build it up to the standards of our Jeep Club Hye Krawlers Jeep Club. We sold our 2002 TJ Wrangler and used the funds to upgrade our WJ as this vehicle will truly stand out to what HK Offroad is all about. We are adventurists and our vehicle's capability and armor is very important in producing our products.
Hidden Winch Mount:
Our hidden winch mounts are built everyday and we never stop building them. They are always available.
HK Overland Bumper Orders:
All orders for HK Overland Bumpers are in process at our shop. We use a die-cast of the front end of the WJ on our steel table to tack together the bumper. However, we just started the die cast build and we need to administer a final fitment test on our own vehicle to be sure the bumper fits as designed before completing the welds and finishing it off. Our vehicle "should" be returning Monday and we will start to finish off the bumper orders, in order as received. We will keep a very limited production on the Overland.
HK Overland II Bumper:
HK Overland II Bumper will be based on the same platform and mounting pattern of the original HK Overland Bumper. It will be a recessed winch bumper but with only a few bends in the steel to wrap around the WJ Headlight. We will not bend the steel to match the curve of the fender. This will reduce cost for buyer, time for us and over-all production time. The downside, it's not unique as the original Overland but we need a simple bumper too.
HK Krawler Bumper:
The HK Krawler is being rethought due to the cutting required on the front-end of the WJ> We believe the Krawler bumper will interfere with the airbag sensors, but we have not come to a final conclusion. We are still researching this and will keep you updated.
HK Prerunner Winch Bumper:
The HK Prerunner Winch Bumper is a Recessed Winch Mount Tube bumper. It will use the same mounting pattern as our winch mounts with tubes reinforced with the winch plate and the shackle tabs, a bolt on stinger and bolt on radiator skid plate. Very simple and cost effective.
The GateKeeper - Radiator Skid Plate
The Gatekeeper radiator skid plate is a bolt on option for our bumpers AND OUR WINCH MOUNTS and will be offered in three designs. 1st design is the nine 1" tubes which run from the bumper to the radiator skid plate following the upper grill seven slot design. 2nd design will be a plate in place of the 1" bars. 3rd design will be just a skid plate with no bars or plate running from the bumper. It will be clear. We will have a variation of The Gatekeeper to work with our Winch Mount Plates but it will not be compatible to run behind the bumper fascia. It can only be used on wj's running the winch mount with no plastic bumper fascia.
Hatch Mounted Rear Tire Carrier:
Waiting for our Jeep to return to complete design and testing.
Rock Sliders:
Completely different than what you have ever seen. We are waiting for our Jeep to return to complete design and testing.
Our Jeeps Build:
-6.5" Iron Rock Offroad Long Arm Suspension Kit
- Goodyear Wrangler MTR Kevlar Sidewalls 285/70/17
-JK Rear Dana 44 Axle with 4.56 G2 Ring and Pinion and Eaton E-Locker
-Dana 30 front axle Sleeved the tubes and gusseted the knuckles. 4.56 G2 Ring and Pinion and Eaton E-Locker
-JK NP241 Transfer Case (We have no idea how they installed it, our mechanic won't give up his little secret).
-IRO High knuckle steering
-IRO Steering Equalizer to lower the track bar
-IRO Dropped Pitman Arm
With this setup, it should get us to the rocky boulder trails which have grown to be accustomed to in Southern California.
One thing we promise, everything we do will be different than what is available (other than the tube bumper since it's a pretty common design but we're working on making it different) Our WJ is schedule to return Monday 3/28/2016 and we will be heavy into completing all bumpers and starting our new projects. We have a lot of fun times ahead of us. Thanks for taking the time to read this information.

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  • Shaun Coon

    what rims are you running and are you running any spacers?
    Also what kind of sliders are you doing a over the rocker like Iceland offraod before they went out of business? very interested in a couple of months I am doing your front hidden winch plate to get rid of my hideous rough country one and I was wondering if you would have everything including your hatch tire carrier done?
    Shaun Coon
    @What_wj on instagram

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