Hatch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

Tire Carrier Testing Part 1: We drove 14.2 miles of dirt road through small rocks, off camber trails, large dips, steep climbs and very bumpy and windy roads. If you know me personally, you know that I enjoy driving fairly fast and I donlt slow down on dips very much. I truly beat my WJ on the trails. This is not the final testing of our tire carrier but the initial test. Results from first test: No additional denting of rear hatch from initial mounting system. We will fix the two rear dents and install the new mount shortly to test for dents again. The new mount will sandwich the dented areas so not to dent. Tire carrier does not rattle...IT WILL NEVER RATTLE. Rear hatch glass has not shattered like some said it would LOL. We should be finalizing the mount this coming two weeks and place it up for sale soon. I am truly satisfied with this design and the main fact that I have all this room in my Jeep's cargo area again is the best part!!!

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  • JOhn

    looking for hatch mount tire carrier for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee wh turbo diesel

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