Joseph's WJ Bumper Modification

We love the styling of Joseph's aftermarket front winch bumper as it suits this WJ very well. The styling and the lines compliment the front end well. It is also a good protector of the front end from the rocks Gods. Joseph's only complaint of this bumper is the location of the winch and the way the bumper mounts to the vehicle. 

The winch sits right in front of the radiator grill and it sticks out about a foot past the Jeeps front end. The bumper itself mounts to the vehicle with 4 bolts from underneath the Jeep. The bumper actually moves slightly if you give it a good tug. With any amount of force during winching, this bumper will be ripped off the front end of the vehicle.

We have started the process of refabricating this bumper with our WJ Hidden Winch Mount. Although with this setup, the winch mount will not be so hidden. Here, we have the before pics. Stay tuned and check back often for the after pics.


The bumper modification is 90% complete. It just needs a few more things to be perfect!

We cut out the top plate which mounted the winch. The winch will now sit where it belongs, flush with the front end of the WJ and right in the line of the chassis. 

We still have minor adjustment and additions coming. We welded the front plate at an angle to match the pre-runner style of the bumper. 

We added seven slots to the lower radiator area and added D-ring mounts. We have some final touches to add before it gets fully welded and reinstalled with winch. 

After many variations, cutting, welding, re cutting, removing, reinstalling, we have completed Joseph WJ bumper modification.


The winch will be installed in a recessed location where minimum downward or upward force will be applied to the chassis while winching. The lower radiator skid plates will protect the radiator support. Thank you Josrph for trusting your WJ in our hands.