Overland Description


"HK Overland" - Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Recessed Winch Bumper
100% Hand-made in Temple City, California U.S.A. 
Key Points:
  • The bottom of the bumper is a solid piece of 1/4" steel all the way across from fender to fender (70" approximately). Other manufacturers use 1/4" steel only in the center where the winch mounts.
  • The front plate which mounts the fairlead is 1/4" steel from shackle mount to shackle mount.
  • Our D-Ring shackle tabs are 3/4" steel Grade-50 and extend through the front plate all the way back to the frame rail mounting plate which is 7.25" in length. The shackle tabs are welded to the front plate, the bottom plate and the frame rail mounting plate. A Grade-8 bolt goes through the shackle tab and is mounted to the frame rail of the WJ. This means you are pulling from the frame rails and not just from the front plate. Other bumper manufacturers weld the shackle tabs to the front plate only and that does not work for us.
  • The side of the bumper is constructed of 3/16" steel. Other bumper manufacturers use 10 guage or 1/8" steel for the sides of the bumpers.
  • Your winch will mounts in place of the original steel bumper which is required to be cut out. This gives you the best approach angle on the market, PERIOD!
  • The inside of the bumper is gusseted in six different locations. 
  • 100% HAND-MADE. The plates are plasma cut. Then we take each plate and bend them to our specified design. Once the bumper is all bent and put together, we completely weld inside and out. We DO NOT spot weld the inner part of the bumper. That's taking cost saving short cuts and we don't have time to save cost on the trail when recovery is key!