Updates on Our Company and Build Status - April 9, 2019

  • Beginning April 2, 2019 we announced on Social media that we are now open and operating full time Monday - Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm.
  • We have completed the first batch of pre-order Front Recovery Shackle Tabs and they are shipping by Friday April 12th. Late march we designed and released Front Recovery Shackle Tab Kit for the WK Grand Cherokee 2005 - 2010 model years but we have not pushed hard on advertising the WK just yet, we're getting there slowly. 
  • All back-logged orders on WJ Winch mounts, tire carriers and rock sliders have been shipped and delivered. We have already completed an additional thirty sets of winch mounts and shipped them out since the beginning of March. We have completed and are shipping more tire carriers week of April 15 and the next batch of tire carriers will begin build to ship in May.
  • The only items left in back-logged status are WJ bumpers and we are spending the month of April focusing on getting all the bumpers out along with the new orders to keep business flowing and we are on a very good pace. 
  • Hidden Winch Mounts with or without shackle tabs are available on a normal basis and we ship them out every two weeks. 
  • Kratos Tire Carrier struts are in mass produce status which will make Kratos available on a normal basis with shortened wait times.
  • Our Glissade Rock Sliders are in re-design phase for reduced weight, reduce build parts/time and reduced over-all cost of product and shipping. The re-designed version will become available summer of 2019 (May/June-ish)

Upcoming New Products in order:

  • WJ Replacement Roof Rails
  • WJ Rear Bumper
  • WK Kratos the Tire Carrier
  • WK Recessed & Hidden Winch Mount
  • WK Recessed Full Bumper



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