Glissade - Heavy Duty Rocker Replacement Sliders (WJ)

Glissade - Heavy Duty Rocker Replacement Sliders (WJ)
    Build time is 21 business days.
    Glissade - Heavy Duty Rocker Replacement Sliders for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (1999 - 2004). Bolt on application with mild cutting. We will be heading out Saturday June 17 to film the actual durability testing video of our sliders and should be releasing pre-sale the following week. Initial production at a discount rate will be for 20 sets. We are now working on the installation instructions and working out shipping details.
    These rock sliders are built for extreme offroading situations (see video for demo). Used as sliders to get over obstacles and steps to make it easier to reach your roof from the side of your vehicle. Cutting of the outer rocker panel is required. You DO NOT need to cut the pinch seam nor do they mount to the pinch seam. The pinch seam is NOT used in this application. Once you cut out the outer rocker panel, the pinch seam is bent upwards using a pair of heavy duty pliers or pipe wrench. Detailed installation instructions will be provided and you can do this in your driveway with an extra pair of helping hands.
    We considered two important factors when designing our rock sliders. 1) By the time a WJ owner decides it's time for rock sliders, your rocker panels are either destroyed from offroading or rusted away from road salt. Our mounting system utilizes areas where most rockers panels are still in tact and strengthen the rocker area of your WJ.
    • Can be installed at home, in your driveway with an extra pair of hands and proper tools such as an impact drill (NOT impact wrench) and angle grinder.
    • Constructed from 2" x 6" x .180 Wall Rectangle Tubes with rounded corners (no boxy look)
    • Ends Tapered up 33 degrees and in 45 degrees towards the body
    • Increases ground clearance by 1"
    • True flat bottom sliders with no obstruction
    • Used as Sliders and Steps
    • High-lift jacking points on both ends
    • Mounting system: Mounts to frame rails with three 1" x 2" x .120 wall tube brackets welded to the sliders, using twelve self tapping hex screws and across unibody using two cold roll steel bars to sandwich the unibody with ten grade-8 nuts and bolts.
    • Cutting of the outer rocker panel is required. You do NOT cut the unibody pinch seam nor does the slider mount to it. If your pinch seam is destroyed, it's OK, you don't need it.
    • Detailed instructions with images provided in PDF format by email so you can view it in color on your phone or ipad/tablet.
    • All required hardware included
    • Arrived primered and painted FLAT BLACK. One coat primer, two coats paint.


      $ 689.00