Bulldog Recovery Strap - 2" x 30 ' - 20,000 lbs

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Bulldog Recovery Strap - 2" x 30 ' - 20,000 lbs
Bulldog Recovery Strap - 2" x 30 ' - 20,000 lbs
Bulldog Recovery Strap - 2" x 30 ' - 20,000 lbs
Bulldog Recovery Strap - 2" x 30 ' - 20,000 lbs

Bulldog Winch Recovery and Tow Straps - BDW20014

  • 30 Feet Long
  • Standard Duty
  • Recovery Strap
  • 2 Inch Wide
  • Standard Loops
  • Bulldog Winch
  • Polyester
  • Heavy-duty polyester recovery strap, 2" x 30'
  • 20,000-lb Break strength
  • Working load limit (WLL): 6,700 lbs
  • Reinforced end loops
  • Sewn-in tie cord for easy storage

The following information is provided by Bulldog Winch and not by HK Offroad. 

Bulldog Winch offers 2 styles of Recovery Straps in a variety of sizes to cover most situations

1)  100% Polyester - NO STRETCH - same material used in your vehicle's safety belts - great for anchor point or winch extension 

2)  100% Nylon - 25% STRETCH - great for using between two vehicles

Most companies selling straps design their straps and make capacity claims based in the Breaking Strength of the webbing.  The Working Load Limit, which is most important to the user, is calculated as 1/3 of the Breaking Strength.  Example:  A strap with 30,000lb Breaking Strength has a Working Load Limit of 10,000lb and the user should buy it and use it based on the 10000lb rating

Gray Area

Breaking Strength of the webbing is NOT the same as Breaking Strength of the strap assembly.  Most straps have loops sewn into the ends for easy attaching.  Once you sew into the webbing the sewn connection is not as strong as the webbing itself.  Some companies continue to make Breaking Strength claims based on the webbing even though the end user gets the sewn assembly.  Therefore the true Breaking Strength and Working Load Limit of the strap assembly are acutally lower than the claim.  Bulldog Winch does not play this game.  All of their Breaking Strength claims are made based on their sewn assembly.  What does this mean:  1)  you get what you really pay for  2)  high quality and safe product.