Our Jeep

So lately you have been seeing pictures of our WJ with the factory plastic bumper fascia back on with our hidden winch mount with shackle tabs. There are two reasons for this.
1st, we have made some enhancements to our bumpers and the front end is a bit more smoother but the angles on the sides are still sharp angles. We will be getting our new Overland bumper professionally painted to match the color of our Jeep along with color matching the Gatekeeper skid plate. It will possibly be about 60 days before we put our steel bumper back on because we are busy building bumpers for sold orders.

2nd, we need to showcase our hidden winch mount on the new lifted WJ and the cut up bumper fascia so lifted Jeeps can see what it will actually look like and that our mount is NOT just for stock vehicles.

Quite frankly, we enjoy the look of the 2004 Special Edition Bumper Fascia. It's just too damn sexy. But in reality, we are rock crawlers and that bumper will be ripped off soon. Until then , we shall enjoy it.

Please stay tuned and follow as we prep our Spare Tire Mount for testing followed by our Rock Sliders which is definitely a game changer in the WJ market. Heck, everything we do is a game changer...rules were meant to be broken ;)


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