WJ Replacement Roof Rails

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WJ Replacement Roof Rails
WJ Replacement Roof Rails
WJ Replacement Roof Rails
WJ Replacement Roof Rails
WJ Replacement Roof Rails
WJ Replacement Roof Rails


The Problem:

The factory stock aluminum roof rails are mounted to the Jeep using 5 riv-nuts and bolts in a straight line across each roof rail. Failure of the hardware is experienced with any type of side-force applied to the aluminum factory rails and continues use of heavy pressure. We had our Frontrunner Featherlite Roof Top Tent, which only weighs 90 lbs) mounted to the factory rails for two years and camped on a normal basis up to three times per month with multiple nights out in the sticks and deserts. Eventually as time passed, the factory rails began bending causing the tents mounting bolts to hit the roof and cause a hole. One final straw witht he factory rails completely failing was when we flopped the Jeep at West lake Trail in the Sierra National Forest. When the Jeep flopped, the tent hit the floor from it's side and ripped the rails right out. 

The Solution:

Our replacement rails are of a stronger material, have more mounting points, constructed of steel DOM Tube with 3/16" mounting plates. 

  • 1.5" x .095 Steel DOM Tube Rails
  • Two 1-degree bends across the rails which provide a flat center section of the rail for mounting roof top tents, baskets, etc...
  • Three mounting base plates with 11 bolts mounting rails to roof
  • Mounts using 11 riv-nuts and bolts with-out having to drop down headliner OR use fender washers and secure the bolts from under the headliner. Our replacement rails have been mounted to our Jeep now for two years using 11 riv-nuts and bolts on each rail and they have not failed. 
  • Mounting hardware on left and right side of each rail instead of just one straight line to provide adequate strength and durability for side force. 
  • Longer than factory rails covering more area around the roof line. 
  • Does not interfere with Sunroof
  • Bottom Line: Strong, durable, Reliable and light weight. Using .095 wall thickness DOM tube provides the strength we all need for roof rails while keeping weight at a minimum
  • Finish: Arrives Bare Steel