Hatch Mounted Tire Carrier Update

One of our main concerns, initially, was the safety concerns of the struts failing. We have been testing since February and have done many research on the struts. Our lift supports, which are currently rated at 350lbs of pressure, are gas struts. Gas struts don't just fail and cause the hatch to fall suddenly. Over the years as they wear, the struts will eventually lose it's lifting power and you will notice it is time to replace them. If the gas strut should leak while the hatch is up, the hatch will slowly begin to lower, it won't just fall down suddenly. That kid in the cargo area of my Jeep is my son on the trail. We will be releasing a video covering all the testing we conducted on our tire carrier. We are very satisfied with the tire carrier and if you know us by now, we don't release anything until are fully satisfied and convinced that it works.

Stay tuned for the release...

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