All Hardware Included

We have replaced our Grade-5 Nuts, bolts, flat washers and lock washers.
All hardware is now provided. (8) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Nuts and Serrated Flange Bolts plus the two factory mounting bolts M10x1.5x40, which is often referred to as the mystery bolt.

Our HK Offroad Winch Mounts and upcoming bumpers all mount to your vehicle using ten bolts; 5 Bolts on each side which include one factory bolt mounting location attached to double stamped steel on the frame rail. We provide (eight) Grade-8 Serrated Flange Bolts and Serrated Flange Nuts. The other two bolts are used from the Jeep (M10x1.5x40 factory mounting bolts Class 10.9 [same rating as grade 8])NOTE! The two factory bolts might not be available with your Jeep unless it is equipped with the front skid plate. If you do not have a front skid plate covering your radiator, then you do not have these two bolts. Once you place your order, we will confirm via text message and we will provide you with these bolts

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