We have changed the name of our bumpers by removing the numerical. The formerly called Hunter 29 is now called the "HK Overland" - Recessed Winch Bumper. We removed the number 29 because it gave our friends the idea that it can ONLY be used with 29" tires. This is not the case. The bumper is built with idea that one day, the owner of the Jeep will install larger tires. When this happens, the ends of the bumpers are made to be cut-off to accommodate larger tire clearance. We also added an optional bolt-on stinger and a bolt-on radiator support skid plate. The reason for bolt on is for buyers to save on shipping and also to give buyers to add the stinger at a later time if they are not ready for one. After-all, our Jeeps change as we grow and as they grow. 


  • One piece solid 1/4" under-plate stretches from fender to fender. The under plate is a recessed winch mount and bumper face-plate support. Mounts to vehicle with ten grade-8 serrated flang nuts and bolts.
  • 3/6" steel plate of the front and upper steels
  • 10 gauge steel plate slides under headlight and mounts flush with fender
  • 3/4" solid steel Grade 50 D-Ring shackle Mounts are welded to the bottom plate, front plate and measures 5.34" in length which mounts to the frame rail. What this means for you, when you are winching or towing using the D-Ring shackle mounts, you are literally pulling directly from the chassis and not just the bumper 
  • Optional bolt-on stinger
  • Optional bolt-on radiator support skid plate
  • The end of the bumper which mounts onto the fender can be cut to accommodate larger tires in case the owner wants to upgrade

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  • Chris Whitehouse

    Please keep updates coming on this bumper. Love the flush nature with hidden winch combo. I’d like email updates in case I don’t check back soon enough. Great work!

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