Congratulations Conner Wright for Winning the Raffle at Grand Slam West!

For this years Grand Slam West event out in Moab Utah, we donated a hidden winch mount with shackle tabs for their raffle. One lucky winner, Conner Wright was a very happy fellow WJ'ian when he got his hands on the hidden winch mount at the raffle. Congratulations Conner!!!

After speaking with Conner only to find out his WJ has the Laredo Bumper, we informed him that it is not compatible with the Laredo. He laughed...made an interesting smirk and said, "don't worry about it, I got this". Sure enough he was able to make our winch mount fit behind the Laredo. When we asked how, he replied, "it's simple; install winch mount and cut that damn bumper until it fits!"

We Love That!!!

Thank you Conner for making Laredo bumper owners a believer in our product. Enjoy your winch mount and congratulations on your winning!!!

Here are some photos of his WJ. 




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