Kratos - The Tire Carrier

Kratos - The Tire Carrier.

On Wednesday July 27th, 2016 we should have the installation instructions complete and the shipping charges all calculated. We will have a pre-sale for 10-Tire Carriers and build time will be 14 business days. Testing is complete and we are satisfied. Please watch the video in full! Pricing will be released on Wednesday July 27th.

Our tire carrier involves brute strength, power and force from the custom built struts providing 375 lbs of force on each side of the hatch to raise that heavy offroad tire into the air. There for, with all that brute strength, power and force, we call our tire carrier "HK Kratos - The Tire Carrier".

In Greek Mythology. Cratos was a son of the Titan Pallas (not to be confused with PallasAthena) and the goddess Styx. He was the personification of strength and power. The name is derived from the common noun Κράτος, meaning "force", "strength", or "power". The spellings "Cratus" and "Kratos" are also used.

Confirmed Parts in the Tire Carrier Kit.
1 - tire carrier
3 - All backing plates
12 - serrated flang nuts and bolts grade-8 size 3/8-16 x 1"
3 - 1/2"-20 x 1.5" Bolts for mounting wheel (welded to plate)
3 - chrome lug nuts.
Replacement clips for Rear Hatch Panel (the clips break when removing panel).
2 - heavy duty liftgate supports (struts) rated at 375 pounds lift force.
4 - heavy duty replacement ball stud mounts for the struts.
Price: have not sat down to calculate yet as we are currently working on the instruction pdf.

Pre-Sale is scheduled to begin July 27th, 2016.


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