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Dave Ullom reviewed HK Offroad5 star

If you really like the look of the '99-'04 WJ body style and want to maintain the stock appearance, and still have a winch, the HK hidden winch mount is the way to go! I bought and installed my #hkoffroad WJ hidden winch mount w/D-ring shackle tabs on my '02 WJ in about 5 hrs, and it came out looking great! I have a Rough Country 9500 winch w/synthetic cable that I rotated the clutch arm 180 degrees from its original location so that it's facing down, instead of up on the top as it comes from the factory. Mine is hidden under the hidden mount, instead of on the top. I cut a 2" diameter hole where the handle needed to come through the winch mount, and then mounted up the winch. This means no holes in the top of your bumper cover or grill to access the clutch handle. It's hidden, just like the winch! It gives it an even cleaner look when finished. My advice if you're installing one yourself is: Follow the directions, look at photos of other peoples installs on the HKOR FB page or online on their website gallery, take your time, be patient, have the correct tools for the job, and think about cable management so you know where to you're going to need to run all your new winch power cable/solenoid leads. Good luck, and if you need help, HK customer service is top notch! Their customer service has to be one of the best I've ever seen! If you live in the Las Vegas area and need some hep or advice, shoot me a PM, and I'll come over to show you how it's installed and give you advice if you need it. Happy winching! -Dave


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