***We Are Moving***

 For the past few months we have been pondering the idea of moving our shop. We have been operating out of Lebec California which located in a mountain community. The distance from our residence to our shop is 70 miles one way and with LA traffic, it has started to take a toll on us and our Jeep. With 3-hours round trip, we lose so much production time and things just get too far backed up. So, it is now official, ***WE ARE MOVING***. Our new location is in Temple City California. We are joining our brothers facility at 4WD Concepts. They build Jeeps and we build Jeep accessories. Production continues as we make the transition to our new location but going forward our lead time will be cut in half and we will have more time to bring out new products which are sitting on the design table. This is very exciting for the team at HK Offroad! We thank you all for your continued support because without any of you believing in us, we would not be here today. We thank God for his continued blessing of health and strength and the challenges he puts us through to make us better at what we do. Now...Let's Build!!!


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