JL / JT Shackle Tab Kit Installation Instructions

  1. Remove bumper from vehicle.
  2. Unbolt the torx bolts holding the fog light housing in place, remove fog light housing from the bumper.

  3. Remove red hooks from fog light housing by removing the rings around the bolts. Cut rings off.. if keeping red hooks, press out the studs and drill holes to 9/16, cut off the small tab on the bumper as shown in photo and use 3 washers as spacers on the lower bolts. 

  4. Cut off the round crush can which is the crumble steel on fog light housing and grind area flat.
  5. Drill holes to 9/16" on the fog light housing and the frame.
  6. Place shackle tab onto fog light housing by sliding the four bolts through the four holes and bolt the fog light housing back onto bumper. The tab will be loose at this point.
  7. Bring bumper up to vehicle frame and Install bumper and mount using provided 1/2" flange nuts. Tighten to 72lbs torque. 
  8. Install spring clip nuts to bumper.
  9. Line up holes on faceplate with clip nuts and install each bolt just a few threads until all 6 bolts are on. You need wiggle room for the faceplate holes to line up. There's a left and right plate.
  10. Tighten down the face plates. 20 ft/lbs is plenty, don't need them tighter.
  11. Text with any questions. Anytime  (626) 710-6455