WJ Radiator Skid Plates

The GateKeeper - Radiator Skid Plate

The GateKeeper - Radiator Skid Plate
Our radiator skid plate is called "The GateKeeper" because it acts as a gate between the rocks and your radiator support bar/radiator. This item is compatible with both our bumper and our hidden winch mount if you are running the winch mount with or with-out a bumper fascia. 
  • The skid plate is constructed from 1/4" x 4" plate which runs across from left to right and curves up and bolts to bumper plate with two 3/8" x 1" Grade-8 bolts on each side (drilling of four 7/16" holes required. The seven slot design is constructed from eight 1.5" x 1.20 DOM Tubes, welded from the bottom plate to the upper mounting plate and bolts to your winch mounting point.
  • Heavy duty design built to take a beating against the rocks
  • Available in two designs - with or without the seven slot bars. 
  • Compatible with HK Offroad Bumpers and HK Offroad Winch Mounts with-out the bumper fascia.
  • Comes "Primered - Ready to Paint"
  • Grade-8 Serrated-Flang Nuts and Bolts Included
  • Requires drilling of bumper plate. For use with hidden winch mount, the GateKeeper will bolt to the winch plate holes on the frame rail and the front two mounting points of the winch.
Through testing and banging on a few rocks we came to learn that the radiator support bar on the WJ is made of bread. Literally, thin sheet metal which can be damaged and moved by the slightest impact. We have redesigned our radiator skid plate a few times since our Overland Bumper release in December and have finally come to a design that is satisfactory and actually serves a purpose. 
With our bumpers providing the perfect approach angle and strong mounting points, which reach all the way back near the sway bar bolts, it was imperative the radiator skid plate served a purpose as equal to the bumper. 
The actual skid plate which covers the bottom of the radiator support bar is made of 1/4" steel plate by 4" wide. The plate bends around and up the radiator support bar to reach our bumper and it mounts to the bumper. This mounting supports the underside of the skid plate for impacts where the Jeep falls from an obstacle onto an object such as a rock. The front of the skid plate is supported by eight 1.5" bars x .120 walls. These bars follow the lines of the upper grill to form the Jeep Seven Slot Grill Design. The 1.5" bars are welded to a 1/4" x 2" steel plate which bolts to the existing winch mounting holes. If you are not a fan of the seven slot design, we have the optional "GateKeeper III" which does not have the 1.5" bars.
The point of the radiator support skid plate is to provide a gate between your radiator and the rock. 
$ 329.00