Weld On Rock Sliders (DIY) - 2" x 6" x .188 Wall Thickness

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Weld On Rock Sliders (DIY) - 2" x 6" x .188 Wall Thickness
Weld On Rock Sliders (DIY) - 2" x 6" x .188 Wall Thickness
Weld On Rock Sliders (DIY) - 2" x 6" x .188 Wall Thickness
Weld On Rock Sliders (DIY) - 2" x 6" x .188 Wall Thickness

AVAILABLE TO ORDER. Sliders are built by scheduling the build-out on calendar. Please text/Email or Call to find out which day it can be scheduled to build and ship. 

Weld On Rock Sliders for the Do-It-Your-Selfers and and 4x4 Shops
2" x 6" x .188 Wall Thickness - Sold in Pairs
Slider Measures: 68" Length. If you need a different length (shorter or longer, give us a quick text or email and we'll accommodate accordingly. Extra Charge Applies).
Weight: 45lbs each slider. 
If you add the optional Frame Kickers at time of ordering, the frame kickers and plates will arrive un-welded so you can customize to your own vehicle's frame/unibody as needed. 

A lot more 4x4 owners nowadays are purchasing 2x6 tubes and welding them in the place of their rockers or building their own rock sliders, but taking many shortcuts in design. We've decided to become your supplier for the 2x6 tubes for every do-it-your-selfer out there who would like to build their own. From Jeep Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, Wranglers, Toyota Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, 4-Runners etc.  We DO NOT provide any instructions on how to weld these sliders or where to cut on your vehicle. This is 100% do-it-yourself kit, all we're doing is supplying the steel with the double tapered ends finished and the high-lift jacking notches under the slider welded in. 

If you need frame kickers we can provide those as well for an extra charge at $16 per kicker. The frame kickers will be 1" x 2" x .120 rectangle tubes at 10" length and 1/4" flat rectangle plates with four holes on the corner. If adding frame-kickers you would want to have at least two on each slider, but three per slider is preferred. 

In summary, instead of you having to visit your local steel yard and purchase 2"x6" tubes (if they have it in stock) then spend all those hours welding the ends and trying to form a slider then prepping for install only to end up with a basic slider, you'll buy from us and receive our double tapered smooth ends with the high lift jacking points all prepped ready to weld up to your vehicle. Make sense?

We are now your rock slider steel supplier.